Stay With Me Till Dawn

Thursday, 21st January 2010 11:05am

Stay With Me Till Dawn

A disturbing and intense play – played out with skill and superb timing from all three cast members. A confused young boy , his irate father and an older man who “likes boys” meet in a tiny cramped flat with no escape. Is the boy hiding from his Dad? Is the man really someone to be worried about? Is the angry Dad as straight as he makes out? All of these questions are thrown up into the air and answered with guts and gore. Loads of blood and very effective fight sequences took us all by surprise and the stunned silence before appreciative applause summed up the atmosphere – both tense and frightening. Full marks to Peter Glover as the Man, David Swain as the Dad as Mathew Haigh as Nick the Son.

Philip Herbert for Remotegoat, Wednesday 21st Jan 2010


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