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  • Testimonial: Marlowe

    I would like to take a few moments to express my thank you and congratulations on an amazing performance by David Swain in his portrayal of Christopher Marlowe in the London debut of MARLOWE. To borrow a phase I learned in London…..BRILLIANT !

    I met David for the first time at his audition for Marlowe. After reading his CV and watching his performance reel, I knew out of hand that he would be a man that I wanted to work with. My problem was not if I was going to offer him a role but which role to offer him. It was his versatility and range demonstrated that I had never encountered in my 30 years of theatre.

    Still unsure of which principle role to cast David, I attended a production that he was performing in to see him work in from of a live audience. Again, I was astonished at the craftsmanship of this man. Once seeing him and his work, watching him control his scenes and the audience galvanized my thought that he was my Marlowe. This choice I would never once regret and manifested itself over and over again in both rehearsals as well as performance.

    Many people say that they put 110% into their work and when time comes this proves to fall short of the mark. With David, this percentage is an understatement. His professional attitude and leadership within the cast was never in question. Prompt, prepared, enthusiastic, inventive, disciplined are all part of the makeup of David as both an actor and as a person. The Marlowe character is on for most of the play with dialogue that would tax and challenge any classically trained actor. From the first read David was more than just familiar with the text, but almost memorized. His thirst for understanding was unquenchable and his research impeccable and thorough. As his director, I could not have wanted more from an actor, as a playwright, I could not have wanted more from a fellow artist. He gave life to my Marlowe.

    I can say only this, rarely do I hand out praise and never do I offer up idle and empty compliments. With the weight of so many years of theatre behind me, and working with so many skilled and talented actors, David Swain is placed amongst the best of them. A true artist of the theatre.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that I hope that David and I will have an opportunity to work together again. This last comment should say everything.

    I would welcome anyone to contact me if I can be of any other assistance or support for David.

    D E Lillie—Director and Writer Marlowe

  • CV credit: Marlowe

    Playing Christopher Marlowe in Marlowe, directed by D.E. Lillie, produced by Griffon's Edge Productions.

  • Announcement: Marlowe Casting

    David will be playing Christopher Marlowe in the play Marlowe. Details to follow.

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