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  • CV credit: Fire In My Belly

    Playing Mr Heath in Fire In My Belly, directed by Mark Forbes, produced by Great White Shark Productions.

  • CV credit: Your Life Co.

    Playing Gabriel Holyfield in Your Life Co., directed by George Horne, produced by Warrior Public.

  • CV credit: Anniversary

    Playing Scott in Anniversary, directed by Phillip Derham, produced by Pet Productions.

  • Testimonial: Az Newman

    David Swain, one of those actors that you keep safe in a little black book. Versatile, engaging, extraordinary. We’ve worked together on several productions and I see no reason that I wouldn’t call him back again. Truthfully and as candidly as can be put, David is someone everyone should know.

    Az Newman—Managing Director and Producer for Wrap Around Media

  • CV credit: The things I do to me and you

    Playing Chris in The things I do to me and you, directed by Rebecca Burdon, produced by Wrap Around Media.

  • CV credit: Transfix

    Playing Steven in Transfix, directed by John Clayton, produced by Taroffee Productions.

  • CV credit: 11th Hour

    Playing Cameraman in 11th Hour, directed by Hannah McKimm, produced by Mighty Riot.

  • CV credit: Jack and Jessie’s

    Playing Jack in Jack and Jessie’s, directed by Eric Lamhene, produced by London Film School.

  • CV credit: Steppenwolf

    Playing Herman in Steppenwolf, directed by Angelos Aleteras, produced by Northern Media Film School.

  • CV credit: My War

    Playing John Howard in My War, directed by Richard James, produced by Codeblue productions.

  • Testimonial: Friends

    I have had the pleasure to not only see David perform but also to work with him on one of my own video/theatre projects. The set up was a workshop I would film and the aim to explore an ambiguous and somewhat violent relationship between two male friends. The location was the underpass at the Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham.

    The main part of the workshop was based around rather sketchy situations which I wanted David and his co-actor to improvise around (finding a pair of lady’s tights; riding on each others’ backs; playing around with two toy guns). For this to work I needed both commitment and a fair amount of fearlessness. David seemed as if made for this kind of thing. What followed was a focused improvisation and my job became not so much one of giving directions as keeping up with David and his co-actor.

    At the end of the session I had so much more than I had bargained for, indeed I had enough footage for a short film (Friends). This would not have happened had it not been for David’s enthusiasm, inventiveness and generosity with alternative approaches when my own did not work. David partook in this workshop on a voluntary basis but his engagement was professional throughout.

    It was a privilege to work with him and I hope I will be given the chance to do so again in the future.

    Michael Akraka—Writer / Director, Friends.

  • CV credit: Friends

    Playing Friend 2 in Friends, directed by Michael Akraka, produced by MA films.

  • CV credit: Get Lost

    Playing Brother 2 in Get Lost, directed by Yiannis Kolozis, produced by Vamvax Productions.

  • CV credit: Caged

    Playing Manny in Caged, directed by Stephen Webb, produced by AE Films.

  • CV credit: CopyCat

    Playing Man in CopyCat, directed by David Swain, produced by Prototype Productions.

  • Testimonial: Gift

    When producing a low to no budget film it’s important to not only get the right actors for the roles, but also that they have the correct personalities to fit into the team and contribute in many areas of the production. I’m pleased to say that David is one such person. Although he originally auditioned for a different role in the production (Gift) both myself and the Director were very impressed with his versatility and offered him an equally important but totally opposite role. I’m pleased to say that we were both very pleased with David’s performance and it’s to his credit that someone who is naturally friendly and easy going in real life was able to bring so much menace to the role. On top of this David was also a great team member, easy to get along with and happy to help in any areas he could, from helping to shift props to keeping the cast and crew entertained.

    Phillip Cooper—Producer EM Media, Gift.

  • CV credit: Five Days

    Playing John in Five Days, directed by Ayodeji Agun, produced by AVP.

  • Testimonial: Cherry Orchard

    David Swain convincingly played the role and took direction well. I would definitely recommend him as a humble, talented and responsive actor to work with.

    James Eastope—Sugabowl Productions. Director, Cherry Orchard.

  • CV credit: Gift

    Playing Controller in Gift, directed by Chris Palmer, produced by Big Theme Productions.

  • CV credit: Cherry Orchard

    Playing Barry in Cherry Orchard, directed by James Eastope, produced by SugaBowl Productions.

  • CV credit: A Trauma Too Deep

    Playing Andrew in A Trauma Too Deep, directed by Mark Forbes, produced by Great White Shark Productions.

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