Rob Is

Sunday, 27th September 2009 06:12pm

From the first rehearsal with David on ‘Rob Is’ it was pleasing to come across an actor who brought so many fresh ideas to the role that we may or may not have initially considered. As the collaborative process continued, and some of those ideas were used in the final production whilst others discarded, it was refreshing to find David as one of those rare actors that didn’t get precious about it and sulk in the corner when one of his ideas were not met with applause. Rest assured though, some did. Changes or direction were met without hassle as we all worked towards what was best for the show as a whole. Thus, his memorable performances during the run were not only a reflection of his talents as an actor but a sign of the ease with which directing him had turned out to be. Trunkman Productions would certainly enjoy working with David again on future productions even though he eats far too many vegetable fritters for any sane man.


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